Humble The Poet Makes Derogatory Comments On FB About Guru Gobind Singh Ji

TORONTO, Canada—Rapper Humble The Poet sparked controversy as he made disrespectful remarks about the 10th Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji a while back.  His post was later deleted, however a screenshot was recovered by the Sikh Network which shows the Rapper’s derogatory remark.  

The screenshot was shared with Sikh24 by the Sikh Network.

Toronto-based Kanwar Singh –  a.k.a. Humble the Poet is known for his socially- and politically-inspired Punjabi hip-hop.
Editor’s note: It is understood Kanwar has deleted his post. However, in light of his growing popularity, it is hoped that he represents the Sikh identity in a positive light. Outlandish, or wayward behaviour / statements ought to be weighed up against the norms of Sikhi before being launched into. A responsibile respresentation is important on this exposure level.


  1. Guru ji was light(sargun saroop) of god. He didnt indulge in any sexual activity like normal human. Giani thakur singh ji mentioned briefly in short that none of the 10 patshaahis were never engaged in kaam (Sexual act). So we need to understand guru ji only came to earth to give us teachings and they were not normal humans like us but in the form of human. Guru ji was free from all 5 evils (kaam, krodh…).So please dont compare to guru sahib to normal humans. Shame on humble poet for making these kind of statements.

    • The Gurus taught us how to live. Raising a family was one of those teachings, as 9 or the 10 living Gurus raised families of their own. How, as Sikhs, can we raise the next generations of Sikhs without engaging in intimate relations with our spouses? I agree that the Gurus were free of the 5 evils (‘lust’ in this context means engaging sexually with someone other than one’s spouse) and were examples of how to live. But please, brother, do not depict Guru Ji as the christians depict Christ. Sikhi was built on not just morality, but also practicality and reality. This is what makes it beautiful.

    • I agree with VSM. The guru’s never claimed to be anything BUT human, and they showed us by example what we could become as well. These were human beings that were enlightened with the same light/knowledge that is available to all of us! They didn’t claim to be angels or superhuman or anything like that. I do agree that Humble the Poet’s comment can be inflammatory, and he should know better than to present himself in this manner as he is representing Sikhi. It’s also been recorded that one of his “wives” was only a wife in name, she had been outcasted and had no name, so Guru ji ‘married’ her and gave her a name. He didn’t live with her or have children with her. We should take it as the teaching it was meant to be. To go out of one’s way to help those in need.

      To VSM, I think even Christ intended to be depicted as a ‘normal’ human being, but it was the politicos that created the stories about him in order to start Christianity.

      To the OP, yes, the Gurus were free from the 5 evils, but they were also ‘normal’ human beings–they showed us that we TOO could be free of the 5 evils and gave us the example of what to strive towards. We need to take all this mumbo jumbo out of the faith, Sikhi isn’t about miracles and smokes and mirrors. It is real and practical. Stop worshiping it externally and start living it!

  2. I understand that for many these comments may seem wrong, however what is right!? Teachings of Sikhism has flunctuated in many different directions; there isn’t a set teachings (no religion has it), yet exposing others especially if we don’t have a correct answer is inhumane. I haven’t looked into Humble the Poets work, but in the end of the day that is his thoughts and like it or not we need to learn how to keep peace and respect his mind!

    • His thoughts are his but if he doesn’t know what is right and wrong , he should shut up. This are the people who are making sikhi down. Disgrace to a sikh.

  3. And why can’t we question our gurus, at the end of it they weren’t Waheguru right? They were teachers, to me sikhi is adaptive, you take what you want,the teachings the way of life sikhi promotes is beautiful.

    • Sikhi is not an adaptive religion; Sikhi is what the Sikh gurus taught and the way they lived their lives given the historical context.

      You can’t just pick and choose to follow what you want; you either accept what they taught in full or you’re really just following your own brand of Sikhi.

  4. Funny thing is, just because you’re a sardar doesn’t mean you follow sikhi, please don’t get offended and be so sensitive, people who show offense so easily are the ones tarnishing Sikhi.

  5. Rather than scold our next generation for questioning Sikh History. We would answer their questions. Guru Gobind Singh 3 wives on history record. We should also understand that Guru Sahib has children with only one. Only a few historians disagree with this. It is also import to note that 1st and 2nd wife are the same person per some historical research. Spouses normally changed first names after wedding.
    Surinder Singh Johar (1999). Guru Gobind Singh: a multi-faceted personality. M.D. Publications. p. 139. ISBN 978-81-7533-093-1.


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