Sikh24 - Four Year's Anniversary
Sikh24 – Four Year Anniversary

WorldWide—Four years since launching, Sikh24 is now a global access point for news concerning and supporting the Sikh world. As humble servants of the Sikh Panth (Sikh nation), the collective team bows it’s head at the feet of the world’s most steadfast, hard working, dedicated people that are the Sikhs.

It continues to be a privilege and honor to provide a media platform that has become a powerful voice in sharing and highlighting all matters and current affairs concerning all Sikh worldwide.  Our dedication will continue to help us grow into the professional and modern news outlet that our nation needs and deserves to have on the world stage.  An ever increasing readership is now helping to create a solidified trust with all, due to the timely and reliable news coverage from all corners of the globe.  We have been a fully volunteer organization for some time, but have now hired two professional editors part time, and hope that the new projects we have in store will inspire our readers.

Recognizing the increasing popularity of the news outlet, our social media pages were even blocked within India a few months ago.  The world is ever becoming a global village, where education, communication, cooperation, respect, tolerance and fairness are slowly becoming traits which are helping society move forward. As such, the dictatorial practices of a country with backward and decayed leaderships that prey on minorities are being exposed for what they are.

Enshrining values such as truthful living, mutual respect and love, tolerance and positivity on a foundation of profound spirituality, the Sikh nation has much to offer to the wider family that is the world. The Sikh24 news platform has and will strive to share and promote this agenda. 

Congratulations to us all on our anniversary!

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh


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