Tripura State Govt Motions Against Death Penalty in Assembly

death-penalty-is-not-justiceTripura, India—On Friday, the Tripura State government moved a motion against Capital Punishment in India and asked to replace it with life sentence unto death. The Government has requested the Union government to amend Section 302 of Indian Penal Code to abolish Capital Punishment.

The resolution was read by MLA Jitendra Sarkar and the Speaker of assembly conducted a brief debate over it. During the debate, Chief Minister of Tripura Manik Sarkar strongly condemned the Death penalty by terming it a ‘murder for murder’ policy.

Only a single MLA of Congress Party Ratan Lal Nath opposed the motion verbally but later he also voted for the motion.

The resolution was passed unanimously that would be sent to the Union Government of India and the Law Commission for consideration.

It may be recalled that execution of Yakub Memon on July 29 had sparked a raged debate over Death Penalty in India. International Human Rights Organizations like Amnesty International has strongly condemned the India’s approach by terming it ‘Cruel and Inhuman’. A Deputy Director of Research in Supreme Court also resigned from his post in protest of Yakub Memon’s hanging. He termed the last 24 working hours of Supreme Court before Yakub’s hanging as silly moments.


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