Simranjit Singh Mann: Badal Govt has triggered its own collapse by attacking ‘Pehredar’

Ludhiana, Punjab—President of Shiromani Akal Dal (Amritsar) S. Simranjit Singh Mann has strongly condemned the Police crackdown on the office of Punjab vernacular newspaper ‘Rozana Pehredar’ in the late night on August 5. It is notable that the Punjab Police conducted raid to office of Pehredar on Mullanpur Road in Ludhiana and created disturbance there. The Police also took away the computers from office to the Police station.

File Photo: Simranjit Singh mann
File Photo: Simranjit Singh Mann

Mann said that media is always considered as a Fourth Pillar of a Democratic Country. But by attacking the office of ‘Rozana Pehredar’ Badal has triggered its steps towards collapse of its own government. He said that Badal has always exploited Sikh sentiments after getting into power into the Panthik Platform.

Simranjit Singh Mann has warned the Badal government to control its atrocities on civilian population of Punjab. He said that if the Badal will not refrain from committing atrocities on Panthik workers then his party might launch mega protests against the Government and trigger it’s own collapse.

He announced a program to file a memorandum against the Punjab Police’s attack on Rozana Pehredar in Deputy Commissioner’s office in which party workers will take party on huge level.


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