SGPC Takes Serious Notice of Controversial Book ‘Nava Ujala’

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—SGPC President Avtar Singh Makkar has taken strict notice of the publishing of the image of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with criminal Asa Ram by the Rajasthan Government.

In a press conference at Amritsar Sahib, Makkar said that the Rajasthan Government is misguiding more than 80% of students of the state by portraying the criminal Asa Ram as a great saint.

He sought an immediate ban on the book ‘Nava Ujala’ that is being taught to the students of 3rd class in Rajasthan. 


  1. Shame on the Indian Government and Punjab Government – they have not a clue about Human Rights – Amnesty International are probably having hard time explaining to them. So happy Bapu Ji is back at home with his family and fellow sikhs.


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