TV Journalist Receives Death Threats for Calling “Hindu Terrorism” a Reality

2015-08-04- Rajdeep SardesaiNEW DELHI, India—Noted TV journalist and columnist Rajdeep Sardesai received threatening tweets over his Friday night tweets wherein he said ‘Hindu terror’ is a ‘reality’ which ‘can’t be denied’.

In the same tweet, he had also said, ‘Islamic terror’ is a ‘global reality’ which ‘can’t be denied’.

Around 10 PM on Friday (31st July), Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted on his Twitter handle @sardesairajdeep: “My view: ‘Islamic terror’ is a global reality, can’t be denied; ‘Hindu terror’ highly localised, can’t be denied.”

A few minutes after the tweet, Rajdeep got a threatening tweet from this twitter handle ‏@Jitu345: “@sardesairajdeep aapko ek din ek Hindu terrorist hi supurd-e-khak karega” (You will be buried by a Hindu terrorist one day).

And soon Rajdeep was rained with abusive and threating tweets.

Debates on ‘Hindu terrorism’ erupted in India last week when Union Home minister Rajnath Singh accused the Congress of throwing up the term to appease Muslims. He also said that the Congress use of the term ‘Hindu terror’ had diluted the fight against the terror in India.

Rajnath Singh was soon denounced for his remarks made in the parliament.

Noted writer Hasan Saroor in his latest article observed:

How is it that a party which gets so prickly at the mention of Hindu or saffron terrorism happily uses religious labels to describe acts of extremism committed by members of other communities?

Forget Muslims, what about Sikhs? Remember the Hindu Right’s angry denunciation of “Sikh terrorism” even though Sikhs themselves were suffering at the hands of Khalistani militants, just as Muslims are now suffering at the hands of Muslim extremists? And why didn’t the BJP object to LTTE’s violence being dubbed “Tamil terror” ?

Moreover, can Singh deny that Hindus –and individuals with RSS links—have been involved in terrorist activities? Their alleged role in the Samjhauta Express bomb blasts (initially pinned on Muslims as a default reaction) and terror incidents at Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid and the Malegaon mosque are a matter of record.



  1. India is a democracy in title only! It cares not for the minorities, it has a Hindu agenda only. Its about time the world sees India for what it is. A country with a hidden agenda,no regard for the minorities and a country of double standards!

  2. A salute to Rajdeep Sardesai and his bravery for talking about the reality of India and Hindoo terrorism.

    The world is FINALLY starting to wake up to the reality of Hindoo terrorism propagated by dangerous nationalists like Modi and RSS. Hindoos have gotten away with murdering hundreds and thousands of Sikhs, Muslims and Christians in India for far too long.

    Their sins will catch up with them one day.


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