BREAKING: Akali Leader Convicted for Daughter’s Murder and Forcible Abortion Granted Travel Permission

jagirkaurCHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Punjab and Haryana high court has given permission to Bibi Jagir Kaur to apply for USA and Canada visa despite that fact that she is currently out on bail.  

Bibi Jagir Kaur had requested the High Court to provide some relief and allow her to attend Akali Dal seminars being planned in North America.

Bibi Jagir Kaur was convicted for plotting her daughter’s murder in 2002.  Along with her, three others were sentenced by a Patiala court for abduction and forcible abortion of Harpreet Kaur.  Harpreet Kaur had married outside of her caste, which allegedly led Bibi Jagir Kaur to plan the murder.

Bibi Jagir Kaur has served as the SGPC President and is a sitting MLA from Bholath.


  1. akhar ihena juddgan ne ve tan bache palney han.Tusi dasso jehra judge paise de key judge bania, o insaf kivan karega. So dosto badal parivar nu matha teko, uhna nu panth de na tey votan pao, phir una nu galan kado, par votan badal parivar nu he panian han. Akhar apney sardar han, akali han,dadian wale han. Congress nalu tan change han. sanu jindey tan nehi sarde. naley judge ve kehande han bibi ne kuri jammi, tey mar tee, bai tuhano ke, odi kuri ce. phie eho jahi kuri nu karna ve ke ay. jehri parvar nu chad de yaar pichey.


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