Bains Brother: Punjab Youth is drowning in Drugs

Bains-BrothersMANNHEIM, GERMANY—Addressing the gathering at 17th Sports Festival at Manheim organized by Baba Makhan Shah Lubana Memorial Sikh Welfare Association, MLA Balwinder Singh Bains of ‘Team Insaaf’ said that the Punjab Youth is drowning in drug addiction.

Balwinder Singh Bains

He added that every type of mafia is growing day by day in Punjab under patronage of Akali Government.

He added that when anyone demands investigation against the drug mafia, no actions are taking against culprits.  Bains urged the Punjabi diaspora for their support to make Punjab drug free.


  1. Tgis is nothing but posturing from ex-SAD Badal members.

    Bains Brothers are both sell-outs. Why did they join SAD Badal, an obviously corrupt party in the first place? Did they not know that SAD Badal is a corrupt party in 2012?

    Their relationship with the Badals ended in divorce, with Badals, themselves paragons of selfishness, calling the Bains Brothers “selfish”, so they must be really something.

    As the old saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy” is NOT necessarily your friend.


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