Why Are Mass Killings of Sikhs in India not an issue for Britain?

Sikh GenocideLONDON, UK—Lord Singh has questioned the government’s inequitable approach to the issues of genocide and human rights abuses.
During a recent debate centering on the 1915 atrocities by the Ottomans, peers discussed the need for Britain to recognise the genocide against Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians. 
Lord Singh disappointed at the governments position on the mass killing of Sikhs in India, said:
‘My Lords, is the Government’s response to genocide and human rights abuse predicated by who does it and where it occurs? I ask the question because when I raised the issue of the mass killing of Sikhs in India about a year ago, I was told that that is a matter for the Indian Government.’


  1. Bulling Theory :–
    All the old classical religions of world tend to bully a new born religion.
    It had happened to them when they were fresher’s on planet and so the tradition passes down till one day Sikhs too will join the league of old classical religions and acquire some of its traits .
    No bully has ever accepted that he is a bully.

    • Remember when Muslims used to kidnap and rape your Hindoo daughters while you stood helplessly doing havans and pooja?
      It was the Sikhs that rescued them and returned them to you.
      Too bad you can’t change history.

      Khalistan Zindabad

  2. If the self-proclaimed ‘mother of all democracies’ can’t face such bad behaviour then what hope is there for it’s dependents?

  3. I have forwarded both the Canadian Resolution (city of harvey) declaring, acknowledging the sikh Genocide, notice of the Indian Home Ministry publically verbally declaring sikh genocide, to the UK Foreign Office, only to have a response, totally ignoring the information sent. This was at the beginning of 2015. When a legitimate Western Government, can in entirety ignore declarations by a Home Minister of such country in which it occurred. Yet pre elections showed David Cameron, and Nick Clegg vouching millions for the building of a Jewish Memorial/Museum to the Holocaust…..an event occurring sometime ago..acknowledged time again. How Honest..Is David Cameron, in his sentiments..when offering the money? Is it out of humanitarian ethics, or total blissful ignorance..of currently undealt with Genocides. Is this NOT ‘ethnically highly prejudist’. I can pay taxpayers money..for a holocaust memorial that is no longer, but I cannot write a letter, speak a word..on more recent Genocides…maybe because in this case.. is it because its not Jewish community? Maybe David Cameron and his Foreign Office need to answer. How do they justify their backs turned on clearly evidenced Genocides..it stinks Prime Minister Cameron..and you Sir with it.


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