Punjab Govt Denies Bhai Gurdeep Singh Khera’s old-aged parents to meet their son

Bhai Gurdeep Singh Khera's parents and other Singhs outside the jail
Bhai Gurdeep Singh Khera’s parents and other Singhs outside the jail

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Parents of Sikh political prisoner Bhai Gurdeep Singh Khera were not permitted by Punjab Police to see their son.  Bhai Gurdeep Singh was shifted Thursday from a jail of Karnatka to Amritsar jail.

Along with Damdami Taksal (Sangrawan) leader Bhai Rajandeep Singh and Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) leader Jarnail Singh Sakhira, Bhai Khera’s father Sardar Banta Singh and mother Mata Jagir Kaur reached the jail but due to objectionable attitude of Punjab and jail administration, they did not succeed in meeting their son.

Jail authorities spoke them that on directions of Punjab government, their meeting would not be possible before Saturday.  Bhai Khera’s parents have not seen their son in 8 years.

Sardar Banta Singh said that they had been spending their sorrowful life without company of their son. He said around eight years ago, his son was released on parole in wake of marriage of his sister’s daughter but after that they could not go to Karnataka to meet him as it was much difficult for them to do so.

Mata Jagir Kaur cannot even walk properly and she reached the jail with help of a walker. She was gazing at main gate of the jail.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that medical team did medical checkup of Bhai Khera. For now, he is kept in section of that of Bhai Narain Singh Chaura.

Bhai Khera in custody
Bhai Khera in custody



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