Punjab Police Shifts Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa to PGI Hospital in Chandigarh

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa who has been on hunger strike since January 16 was taken to the PGI hospital in Chandigarh.  He was earlier forcibly admitted at the DMC Hero Heart Hospital in Ludhiana and kept under strict medical and police supervision.

Supporters have alleged that Bapu Ji’s health only worsened at the Hero Heart hospital where he continued to lose weight.  A lot of swelling was seen on his face as well.

Support from Sikh sangat continued for Bapu Ji at the hospital in Ludhiana.  Being a private institute, the doctors were not as forceful as the ones at the Civil Hospital in Ludhiana where Bapu Ji was kept earlier.  At PGI, Government may eventually stop visitors and try to force feed Bapu Ji once again.

More updates to follow as they become available.


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