Five Facts About S. Gurdeep Singh Khaira

2014-11-11- gurdeep singh khera

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—After the transfer of Prof. Davinderpal Singh Bhullar to Punjab, it is expected that Sardar Gurdeep Singh Khaira might be next in line to be transferred to Punjab.  Unlike Prof. Bhullar, the Sikh Sangat may not know much about the background of S. Gurdeep Singh Khaira.  Here are some facts that are associated with his life –

  1. Since his arrest in 1990, Gurdeep Singh Khaira has spent the past 25 years in solitary confinement.  Most of his interaction has been with non-Punjab and it has been speculated that S. Khaira may have forgotten his mother tongue due to extensive imprisonment away from Punjab.  He speaks a mixture of Punjabi and Hindi.
  2. To date, Gurdeep Singh Khaira has served eleven years in Bidar Jail, nine years in Tihar Jail and from 2010 onwards he has been imprisoned at Gulbarga Jail.  S. Khaira has not been given parole or bail since he was arrested in 1990.
  3. Delhi Government had accepted his case of premature case in October 2011.  He was acquitted from the 1990 Bidar and Delhi bomb blast cases but later convicted in two separate cases under TADA in 1996 and 2001 Delhi and Karnataka respectively.

  4. Currently aged 54 (2015), Gurdeep Singh Khaira was only 29 years old when arrested in 1990.  His parents are over the age of 80.
  5. S. Gurdeep Singh Khaira is the only son of his aged parents, who are now unable to visit him in Karnatka.




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