Massive Gathering of Sikhs in UK Pays Tributes to 1984 and Recent Shaheeds

LONDON, UK—Commemorating the 31st anniversary of Ghallughara June 1984, Sikh organizations held a peaceful demonstration in London against the armed invasion by Indian military of Sri Harmandir Sahib.  Sikhs gathered in London from all over the UK to pay tributes to the 10,000 Sikhs who were killed during the attack ordered by the then Prime Minister of India Indra Gandhi.


Prominent Sikh leaders from different cities were present during the event.

Sikhs also paid respect to the recent martyrs, including Shaheed Bhai Jashjeet Singh Jammu who were shot and killed last week during a peaceful protest.  The gathering of Sikhs also raised collective voice in favour of a sovereign state, stating that it was the ultimate solution of all Sikh problems.

Sikhs handed over a memorandum to Prime Minister David Cameroon asking him to disclose the official documents and communication between UK and India public, and to disclose the role of British Government in Ghallughara of June 1984.

The protest march started from Hide Park London and concluded at Waterloo.



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