The Value of Naam Simran

In Sikhi, the ultimate and highest karam (action/deed) we can do is Naam Simran. Gurbani teaches us, tells us, and implores us over and over again to engage in Naam Simran, to engross ourselves in Naam Simran. The only way to free ourselves of Maya and to unite us with our Creator is by doing Naam Simran. This is a humble attempt at translating a popular poster on the importance of Naam Simran, written by a Gupt Singh (anonymous Gursikh) from India.


1. We should read and listen to Bani, it is important; however the highest task in this life is doing Naam Simran, it is very important. By doing Naam Simran we can get everything.

2. We have to do Naam Simran ourselves (i.e we have to make the effort ourselves). Just like only those that eat food will relieve their hunger.

3. We should do Naam Simran with our tongues, then it will automatically reside inside of our hearts and minds. Doing Sangat of Gurmukhs proves this.

4. By doing Naam Simran, firstly the filth of our mind is cleansed and then it stops us from doing unpleasant deeds.

5. Naam has the power to purify humans. By doing Naam Simran lives can be changed, but those that do not experience change by doing Naam Simran it can be understood that they have not done Naam Simran without any desires (i.e they have only done Naam Simran to gain worldly possessions).

6. Never forget to do Naam Simran, never leave this practice. If you ever make a mistake do Ardaas for forgiveness no matter how many times you make a mistake.

7. When you are going to do Naam Simran by yourself, you should only be as loud as  it is possible to hear your own voice with your ears. This way it will be easier to calm the mind and make it stop wandering.

8. Naam has all the rewards, Guru Sahib gives all understanding.

9. Only a few rare people know the value of Naam.

10. Those that do Naam Simran need a lot of humility, they need to be very humble and calm and kind hearted, accepting everything as Bhaana (Akaal Purakh Jee’s Will.)

11. By doing Naam Simran one can get Ridhi Sidhi (spiritual powers) quite easily. However one needs to beware of them and do not fall into the trap of using them to show off.

12. Doing Simran with the technique is very powerful and rewarding. One can attain this technique by taking Amrit in the presence of Guru Sahib and Panj Pyare Sahibaan.

13. Doing Naam Simran at all times is very good, however the best time to do Naam Simran is at Amritvela. One should read Gurbani after dawn.

14. If you get a desire to do Naam Simran again and again then it can be understood that you are on the right path, the filth of your mind is being cleansed. Be thankful to Akaal Purakh Jee.

15. Close your eyes and focus on the Gur-Mantar when doing Simran. Stop your mind from wandering and forming thoughts while doing Simran, this is very important.

16. When doing Simran keep your body firm and controlled. Sit in the Chaunkra with legs folded and back straight. Sit in this position as long as possible.

17. Never forsake Naam and Bani, even if your mind does not want to read Bani and do Simran force yourself to do it. The time will come when the mind will be settled and controlled. Those that are patient will reach their destination (Sach Khand).

18. If one ever finds Sangat to do Naam Simran then one should do Naam Simran like them, as they are already doing it. One should do Naam Simran in such a way in Sangat that the rest of the Sangat should not be disturbed by hearing our different way of doing Simran. (Everyone should do Simran at the same pace and at the same volume whilst in Sangat)

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