SikhFeed: 7 Disturbing Beliefs of Sarbjit Dhunda

1. Doesn’t believe in Naam Simran
According to Gurbani the highest Karam is that of remembering Akaal Purakh, through Naam Simran which will allow us to merge with Akaal Purakh and get Darshan, the ultimate goal of Gurmat. However Dhunda does not believe in the concept of Naam Simran, him and his friends have called it useless recitation of a word. When asked recently what his thoughts are on Naam Simran are, he said that doing simran can give us a peace of mind in this world, but it cannot do anything else for us.


2. Doesn’t know who wrote Jaap Sahib
In a video Dhunda can be seen hitting a pothi of Jaap Sahib with a stick and questioning whether Guru Gobind Singh Jee wrote the Bani. He also states in another video that the Panth had not decided whether Jaap Sahib is Bani of Guru Gobind Singh or not.

Watch this video on YouTube.

3. Has questionable friends.
He is friends with the likes of Professor Darshan, Gurkhash Kala Afghana, Inderjit Ghagga, Gurcharan Jeonwala and others who are known to not believe in taking Amrit, in doing Naam Simran and do not consider Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib etc. to be written by Guru Gobind Singh Jee.
4. Does not believe Guru Sahib is all powerful.
Dhunda does not believe in miracles, he does not think anyone or anything can be brought back to life. On the other hand Gurbani says Sargur Mera Maar Jevale, meaning my Satguru can kill and bring back to life at his will.

Debate with Sarbjeet Singh Dhunda at Turlock (California) Gurdwara, April 2015
Watch this video on YouTube.

5. Does not believe in an after life
When asked by Gursikhs whether or not he believes in a life after death, Dhunda’s response was that he does not yet know as he has not died.
6. Believes atheists are the same as Sikhs.
If he does not believe doing Simran can help us in the after life, and does not believe Guru Sahib is all-powerful how is he any different from atheists? To him Sikhs and atheists are the same, he says over and over we need to be good people and live a good life, without any mention of any sort of spirituality.
7. Does not have full faith in Guru Granth Sahib Jee

When someone questions what Gurbani says, they cannot have full faith in SGGS. Dhunda rejects Naam Simran, an after life and many other mystical and spiritual concepts mentioned in Gurbani. How can a person who does not believe Gurbani to be the Truth do Parchar on stages?


  1. This is slander indeed. Your article is so poorly written. Anyone can write such an article. You are no different than this parchaik. He’s putting his spin On Sikhi and you are putting your spin. Our youth don’t understand Sikhi today because all the teachers have no understanding.

  2. I believe Guru Granth Sahib is vast knowledge. As big pot you have you fill it with that much of water. He may have understood one aspect of gurbani. Let him preach that aspect. He is a great preacher.

    • Very nicely captured points. Sikh missionary collage has become hub of such home grown so called ‘professors’. Who spread falsehood.

  3. this fact is true ki asli janam guru ki sharan jaa k hunda. par ida ki matlab hoya ? Ant vehle jo Lacchmi Simre Sarp Juni kau jaavey ? jehra maran vehle paise nu yaad krda o sapp di yoni nu janda.

  4. Wahe Guru ji ja Khalsa
    Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh
    Has Sikh24 just turned into a crush differing opinions website. Firstly, you promote the assaulting of Sikhs who didn’t do Akhand Paath the way someone thought was the “right way” and now you want to just bash Sarbjit S. Dhunda because he is willing to have a spiritual conversation with the Sikh Sangat. I am not a follower of him or know much more than what I have read above. But as a devout Sikh who loves the faith and the Gurus…..and one who is ok with being unsure of every aspect of the spiritual guidance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the ten Gurus…I welcome his open dialogue. You cannot force all Sikhs thru threats and intimidation to accept only your version of Sikhi. Please back off and let the Sikh people breathe. This restricted, suffocating path of Sikhi is one of the many reasons Sikhs are becoming disengaged. Please let people breathe and experience the beauty of Sikhi with a more open heart and mind. Our panth will be better for it!

    • this is not the reason the reason why some people especially youths are becoming disengaged is because gurudwara are corrupt and both gurudwara and parents are not educating their children about sikhi and you can have discussion but this dhunda seems like he thinks what he says is right and says his views in conferences and in katha misleading the masses without having discussion with others first

  5. Dhunda ji not against Name simran.. he says continue chanting of one word is not a naam simran.. nam simran guru di agaya no manana te es di hond no savikar karke jiwan noo jiouna hi naam simran hai.. je kar tusi ek shabad ya word no regular chanting karo ge tan os da ki fayada hai..?? je kar tusi jo kam kar rahe ho os vich rab noo dekho ge tan naam simran apne aap ho janda hai… keo ke tusi har jagaha os noo dayn wich rakhde ho..

    • Bar bar sah lain da ki faida.. Ik war sah lawo bas. Bar bar khana khan da ki faida.. Ik wari khao bas.. Roz roz nitnem karan da ki faida.. Ik din hi karo na.. Isi bar simran karan da ki faida.. bas ik war waheguru ke lawo..Gurbani wich kiha giya hai.. “Saas saas simro gobind”, “uchro ram nam lakh wari” ate hor anekan thawan te bar bar sikh nu dasiya gaya hai..

  6. Waheguru, all is Waheguru strange game of love jio_/\_only Gem Sikhs who keep rehit, understand ji..
    Dhunda and his supporters, making weak OPINIONS only, but each word, action is recorded on His Chiter Gupt?_/\_

  7. This young man is trained by I.S.Ghagha and Gurbachan Singh Thailand. There is another one Bir Bhupinder Singh, all these so called self proclaimed Guru Banni preachers has no education–to me a preacher must be highly educated–Master or PhD.
    Than it all depends on listener’s.When the listeners are empty of any GGS’s understanding, than any body can tell them anything and they will say yes he or she is good preacher. I.S.Ghagha-Bir-Bhupinder Singh–Sarbjit Singh–Gurbachan Singh Thailand they are all Nastics are confusing gullible Sikhs.

  8. I believe in SGGS . I also know that Bhai Sarabjit Singh is 100% right. Only people who follow Dera vad hate him and you are among them.
    Most people don’t even know what is simran, such people just sit around saying Waheguru all the time and think they are doing simran.
    If you feel you know better than ask the write question and Bhai ji will answer them. Don’t waste time on jaap sahib or dasam granth – which is hindu rss granth.

    • dera don’t even teach sikhi they mix hindu and sikhi together and dasam granth is not rss granth it is against rss agenda

  9. Editor spend so much time to write such a big article and he spend so much time in making clips. It’s very easy to find mistake of someone but it required courage to appreciate some one’s work. Sarabjit singh never said that don’t believe in naam simran, he always mention try to understand the meaning of “Waheguru” the word Wah means “Waoo” you say this when you are amaze by something, like in his example if someone tell you a new feature of your mobile you will say “wah” “waoo” that my mobile got this feature also.. similar way we should do simran by knowing our guru that my guru so special.. has given me so many things, my guru is great he sacrifice everything for us. We need to thank our guru for this life. I don’t want to write a big comment like editor because its waste to explain all his point, this is just an answer refereeing to editor’s first point.

  10. Though we believe in Gurbani in every aspect but things change as time and centuries pass, so we need to be more tolerant research more and more on Gurbani to be more true to time, history and Science. GURBANI IS MORE NEAR TO WAY OF LIFE we should lead and keeps us away from BELIEFS and Misbeliefs and is more Practical if we try to understand and go in essences and purpose of reciting GURBANI time and again is only to understanding the true meaning of and the context in which GURU’S had written to guide the Sikhs to lead a practical life and be Humame and courteous man and away from life after death that non was practically able to elaborate it. So we should not beliefs what Hinduism is advocating. Dhanda ji maybe wrong in some aspects but that makes us to be more practical in thinking and believing.

    • you can have discussion on meat and other aspects like hunting,polygamy,raag mala but you cant have discussion with essential parts and clearly written in guru granth sahibji , Sikh maryada and by authorised by akhal takht

    • Tu c ja ta sarabjeet singh dhunda nu Sunde nahi
      ja Fer pehlan hi soch rakhya hai k oh galat hai.
      Veer g d ik v khatha puri suno te daso ki ki galat keha
      sggs anusaar
      J ik v khatha galat hove taan koi comment karo nahi taan chup raho

    • Tu c ja ta sarabjeet singh dhunda nu Sunde nahi
      ja Fer pehlan hi soch rakhya hai k oh galat hai.
      Veer g d ik v khatha puri suno te daso ki ki galat keha
      sggs anusaar
      J ik v khatha galat hove taan koi comment karo nahi taan chup raho

  11. sarbjit singh is trying to create controversies between sikhs he says that he don’t know what will happen after die becoz he says he have not died .he keeping his own views not gurbani vechar .i think that he is member of rss to create controversi and make us fight with each other

    • Sant samaaj,Taksaal te hor deireeaa tei bina tuhadi kise naal v sehmati nahi honi. Dharam ik vishvaas hei te vishvaas tei behas nahi honi chaahidi. Hun bass karotei ik duje nu naa ghero.

    • Tell us what will happen when you will die. Or what happened to your father or their fathers.
      Bhai ji even Bani say Joti mai jot ral jai, mati mati hoi ek.
      So where is your knowledge from?

    • Guru Nanak Sahib Ji said the same thing in Gurbani. Concern yourself with the here and now. Leave the hereafter to God and His Hukam. This was a revolutionary view of our Guru Sahibs and the Bhagats Jis who’s Baani is in SGGS Ji.

  12. he is just another idiot…without any strong statements ,he is barking continuously….it’s better to ignore him……but if he crosses limit then teach him the lesson……

    aise moorakh insaan to door hi raho……agar eh apni had tape fer isnoo aakal sikhan di lor he…..singh style ch

  13. The more people attack Sarabjit Singh with half truths. The more respect he earns standing up to each slander. Example: He say don’t do naam simram just to do it.. But do it remembering Waheguru and Gurbani. His sangat is growing..

      • Surinder Bhai Sahib..

        I agree that some his views are his personal views but based on his understanding of Gurbani. I do not agree with some of his viewpoints and how he arrived at them but this article is slander and largely misleading.. On a side note, I find it interesting why Panthic organizations are not addressing some common issues facing the Sikh Panth.
        1. Global Representation in SGPC and not just symbolic.
        2. Women’s rights in panth. Sewa at Harminder Sahib and Amrit Sanchar. If you look for answers based on Guru Granth Sahib we are going against it. We keep getting our answers from “Parcharics or Sants”.
        3. Drug use in Nihangs. They serve Pang at Anandpur Sahib.
        4. Bibek Rehat and only eating food served by certain people

  14. Very ashamed at you for writing an article trying to defame someone in this manner. THis is equivalent to slander. Let me be very clear that I do not agree with this parchaarak 100% but I will not write such an article that doesn’t tell the whole story. This is a sham piece or a horrible article.


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