Op/Ed: The next 5 years…. how do we ensure the Sikh voice is heard in UK?

The election is over. So what do we do now?

This is a big question that remains in minds of Sikhs in UK.  It is important to note that we still have a some leadership contests – particularly in the Labour party and Liberal Democrats (and potentially UKIP if they can decide whether Nigel Farage has resigned or not).

As constituents, as members of the public during the election campaign we were advised to take out candidates to task and ask them questions on the topics we felt strongly about. Here in Bradford we asked about the Khalsa Engineering School and how they would support it, grooming issue, questions on 1984 and many more – but how to we stay involved? How do we ensure that the conversations we had are not forgotten? How do we ensure the new MP takes our concerns seriously and raises them with the appropriate minister or group of individuals. 

For the next 5 years we have a Conservative majority government. No matter how each one of us voted – lets build a relationship with our elected MPs and ensure they work for us. Lets hold them to account and ask for their help/advice on issues important to us. 

Lets not wait til 2020 before we start speaking to them. Lets speak to them now. Lets work with them now and see what we can do for the future of this country and to ensure our voices are heard.


Also it’s great to see so many message like the ones below. People really did use their votes wisely – they researched, listened to the messages and voted for the party that represented them and their families. The Party now has a lot to deliver and we need to ensure that they do.




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