Amandeep Singh Bhogal, Northern Ireland’s Sikh candidate, held at Dubai airport

LONDON, UK—Amandeep Singh Bhogal, Northern Ireland’s first Sikh candidate in General Election, was held at the Dubai airport for not taking off his Kara.

Bhogal was to take a flight to Northern Island to campaign for the upcoming general election. He represents the Conservative Party.

CNN-IBN reports that Bhogal was asked to remove his turban as a security measure by airport authorities.

Bhogal soon took to Twitter to contact the airport authorities and the Dubai Police. In a series of tweets and retweets, Bhogal expressed his dismay at the authorities.2015-05-4_bhogal


  1. Oh maybe if they had Seen the Nanak Shah fakir film then they would respected Sikhs, now toobad ha ha


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