Canadian Sikhs Declare Support for Referendum 2020 Movement

TORONTO, Canada—Seeking an independent Sikh country, “Ontario Gurdwaras Committee” (OGC) a Canadian umbrella Sikh organization passed a historic resolution in support of holding a referendum in the state of Punjab in the year 2020.

Since the military invasion of Sikhism’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple, in June 1984 in the operation code named “Blue Star”, Canadian Sikhs have been supporting the movement for creation of “Khalistan”, a sovereign Sikh country. Canada is home to the largest Sikh population living outside India.

On May 03, a gathering of more than 150,000 Canadian Sikhs unanimously passed the Punjab Referendum Resolution during annual Khalsa Day parade in Toronto.

Chanting slogans in favor of Independent Sikh country, participants walked over 11 kilometers from Malton to Sikh Spiritual Center Toronto carrying placards demanding referendum in the state of Punjab.

“Self determination is the right of Sikh people as guaranteed by the UN Charter”, stated attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun legal advisor to “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ). “Support of Canadian Sikhs to hold “referendum 2020″ will go a long way in realizing community’s long standing demand for separate country”, added Pannun.


  1. Khalistan would be made for sure. In Sikh Government Guru Granth Saheb Ji would be the Lord of Universe ruling…….


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