Badals: It’s Unfortunate That Teenage Girl Was Molested On Our Bus

MOGA, Punjab—The bus on which molestation of the teenage girl took place belonged to the the Chief Minister of Punjab.  A teenager girl was apparently molested along with her mother, and both were thrown out of the moving vehicle.  The incident took place very close to Moga in Punjab.

Earlier, Harsimrat Badal, wife of Sukhbir, had stated that she would look into who owns Orbit bus company.  It has however come out that the bus company actually belongs to the ruling party of the Punjab.

The conductor and cleaner of the bus have been arrested by the police.   The police had earlier said that the two had allegedly jumped off the bus to escape the molesters however as per a statement by the injured mother, they were thrown out after being harassed and molested.

The ruling party of the Punjab is under fire from various political and human rights organizations.  Bhagwant Mann stated that a large scale protest would take place on May 1 against the Punjab Government.


  1. Real sad news. I never can dream that in a state of Punjub such thing can take place. If it is done by any sardar I would say he is not at all fit to be a Sardar inspite of having birth in a sardar family. He must read what GURUNANAK said about the ladies.For him dont forget the image of the state image of the religion is getting destroyed. I am not a Punjabi but I stayed at ROPAR for 6 years and my impression is very high about punjabies.Please stop all this by joint hand



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