Punjab Police Thrashes Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s Son With Metal Chains; Imposes Curfew in Ludhiana

ASI Richard Maseeh (behind Ravinder Jeet Singh) is seen asking journalists not to take photographs

LUDHIANA, Punjab—After imposing a curfew in Ludhiana for two months to crush the growing movement for the rights of Sikh political prisoners, the Ludhiana Police also thrashed the US citizen son of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa earlier today before his court hearing.  Sikh24 has learned that that Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi was beaten with his metal handcuffs before he was to be presented in the court.

Additional Sub-Inspector (ASI) Richard Maseeh of Ludhaina Police who has a track record of torturing jail in-mates was responsible for beating up Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi just hours before his appearance in Ludhiana court.  Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi is a USA citizen who has been fabricated into some cases and has been detained in police custody since February 26. 

Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi’s lawyer Gurjinder Singh Sahni has filed a complaint against the police and has requested a complete medical check-up.  He stated that bruises were seen on the neck and back of Ravinder Jeet Singh.  He labelled the incident as a pre-planned activity of the police.

“The ASI was smoking cigarettes too close to Ravinder Singh.  He was asked to not smoke in such close proximity and it is also against the law to smoke in public places,” said Sahni.  After this incident, Ravinder Jeet Singh was taken to a private room, where he was beaten up badly.

In addition to the beating of Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi, a journalist was also thrashed.  A video has surfaced online in which ASI Richard Maseeh is questioning the journalist why he is taking pictures of Ravinder Jeet Singh. The video is available at this link.

This past weekend, a curfew was imposed in Ludhiana for next months, banning any gathering of 5 or additional people.

Next court hearing of Ravinder Jeet Singh is scheduled for April 17.


  1. I LOOKED EVERY WHERE to find out more about this news. Nothing is mentioned in any other newspaper or website. Any idea why Gogi is under arrest. I have sent email to lots of high profile people in punjab, many ministers and police- no reply so for.

  2. Eh badal najaij aulad aa shiv Sena di sikhan nal gadaari kari janda aa bedagarak karta Punjab da Te sikhan da sikhan da koi kam v nai Kita esne aj tak apna ghar bhar lya aa Te shiv Sena rss da gooh khanda aa gadaar sada bura haal Kita Hoya esne Jago sikho jago

  3. Meri sab Sikh loga nu hath jor ke benti hai Sikh koum de rakhieo Jago Ena kuch ho riha tusi ki karde ho ek old man enz Dina to bhukha hartal kyu betha un da beta jsi l vich kyu band hai tusi ke karde ho sirf tamsha dekh rahe ho police d gunda raj enjoy dhakhe shahi Kar rih badal da gunda Raj sanu finish Karan vich laga hai tusi kd karde ho plz Sikh koum dd nujawNo Jago kidhre der n ho jave apni Sikh koum nu en hakma to batacheo


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