Poem: Vaisakhi by Gurmit Kaur (UK)

The day Guru Gobind Singh turned sparrows into eagles 

The day the all people of all castes stood up and were equal to Kings

The day the we realised the power of Five

The day we were given the 5 Banis to listen and read

The day that transformed us to see all as equal

Remember the true meaning of Viasakhi amongst the crowds and food

If you can ask the Gurdwara to donate vast amounts of food to the homeless

Soon the celebrations will disappear but continue to celebrate in spirit everyday the creation of the Khalsa

Let it always within your spirit, be always fearless within your heart to do the right thing no matter how hard it gets

Celebrate always within

Author’s note: I wrote this poem after attending a Renshabhi in Derby, I was uplifted so much and felt surrounded by Guru Gobind Singhs mission in life. I felt inspired to write this poem on Vasakhi last year.



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