Devices to Check Pollution To Be Installed Around Harmandir Sahib

Darbar Sahib
Darbar Sahib

AMRITSAR SAHIB—After growing concerns of increasing pollution around Sri Harmandir Sahib, the Punjab Pollution Control Board has announced to take swift actions.

On behalf of the District Administration of Amritsar, a project will be launched in Harmandir Sahib complex to control the air pollution.  The project will involve installing devices to check intensity of pollution in air.  The District Administration has already taken measures to implement methods of reducing pollution.  These controls include blocking traffic in and around Sri Darbar Sahib premises.

It is notable that the entire project will cost Rs.11 Million.  The Central Pollution Control Board will be providing funds for the project.

Growing pollution has also led to dullness of gold plates installed on Harmandir Sahib.

The Pollution Board is also pondering upon the issue of disposing sewage water.  This is another growing problem in Amritsar and other cities in Punjab.  The Board has already decided to file a case against Rampura Fool and Talwandi Sabo for not executing plans to reduce sewage water pollution.


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