March 18, 1921: Day of Betrayal with the Sikhs

Speaking at Shaheedi Diwan, Gandhi sought to integrate the Gurdwara reform movement into the national movement against colonialism. He wanted the Sikhs “to dedicate their martyrdom to Bharat mata and belive that the Khalsa can remain free only in a free India.” With this event Gandhi, in his inimitable style took politics into religion which the Central Sikh League, a political organisation, had carefully avoided by leaving the reform movement to the SGPC. Gandhi was a “Hindu holy man with political cloak” in quest for power. Sikhs weren’t immediately taken in. However, the damage had been done. Gandhi had sown the seeds of division in the Tat Khalsa which sprouted only a few months later.

-Source “The Sikhs in History,” by Sangat Singh, 1995


  1. Sikhs were, n are greatest enimies of themselves….we shouldn’t blame others…there was no visionary leader of Sikhs at that time….nor, u may disagree with me, at any time in recent history who could warn “so called sikh leaders of those times in particular n common Sikhs in general about their future in the new proposed indipendent set-up…so why, complain now….even the present day leaders of SIKHS are not worth the salt to guide n fight for the sikhs’ interests


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