Day 57: Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s Message to Khalsa Panth; Panthik Leaders Hold Meeting

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Earlier today, a meeting of over 50 Sikh leaders, intellectuals and youth was held relating to the ongoing struggle for the freedom of Sikh political prisoners.  This is the first time a meeting was held since the arrest of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa, his son and supporters.  Later after the meeting, about 15 of Bapu Ji’s supporters were also given permission to see him.

Police was present in the hospital ward when the meeting took place with Bapu Ji.  Supporters were not allowed to take pictures.

Following is the letter that Bapu Ji wrote today in name of Sikh Sangat –

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Bapu Ji stated that with ardas of Sikh Sangat and blessings of Guru Sahib, the movement will be 100% successful.  He once again iterated that “the path to destination is difficult and full of hardships, but it must be reached.”

Before the meeting with Bapu Ji, Sikh leaders and youth held a meeting to discuss a strategy for taking the movement forward.  The meeting was focused on the struggle resumed by Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa for the release of Sikh political prisoners.  While a number of Bapu Ji’s supporters, mainly Sikh youth and Panthik leaders expressed deep desire to take the movement to the next level, a few individuals tried to sabotage the agenda however they were not successful granting overwhelming support for Bapu Ji’s aims.

Surinder Singh Thikriwala is one such supporter of Bapu Ji who expressed dissatisfaction over attitude of some so-called Panthik leaders.  Surinder Singh stated that some leaders wanted to take benefit of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s movement.  “They are waiting for the Bapu to be martyred so they can reap benefits, they know Bapu Ji has large support of Sikhs in Punjab and worldwide,” he stated.


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