Some Scholars Condemn Fresh Panel To Amend Nanakshahi Calendar

Nanakshahi CalendarAMRITSAR SAHIB—While some scholars claim that the recent decision to form a panel on the Nanakshahi Calendar issue is a good idea, especially considering that various Sikh organizations and intellectuals have been added to the panel, others feel that the move will further divide the community.  Two days ago, Akal Takht Sahib appointed Jathedar, Giani Gurbachan Singh had announced a panel of scholars, which included Pal Singh Purewal and Col. Surjeet Singh Nishan.  The panel was formed to resolve Nanakshahi Calendar issues and bring the entire Panth together.

Some scholars however have claimed that this move was unnecessary.  These scholars have claimed that the move has come as a surprise as no one was expecting further reforms to the calendar.  In addition, some scholars and intellectuals who were in past members of the Nanakshahi Calendar panel were not considered for this revision.

Prof. Jodh Singh of Punjab University, Patiala argued that there was a need to include mathematicians, environmentalists and other experts in the panel.  He claimed that any additional changes to original Nanakshahi Calendar will not help unite the Panth.

In addition to Prof. Jodh Singh, Prof. Balwant Singh of Guru Nanak Dev University too has condemned the move.  Prof. Balwant Singh was always a part of all original committees ever constituted to form or amend the Nanakshahi Calendar.

In contrast, the move to form panel comprising of Pal Singh Purewal (the original architect of the calendar) and Col. Surjeet Singh Nishan (one of the opponents) and scholars like Dr. Anurag Singh has been welcomed.


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