Kumar Vishvas Leaves Embarrassment for AAP By Demanding Extra Judicial Killing of Kashmiri Leader

Kumar Vishvas
Kumar Vishvas

NEW DELHI—Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader Kumar Vishvas has left embarrassment for the party by terming pro-freedom Kashmiri leader Masarat Aalam as ‘enemy of the country’ and demanding his extra-judicial killing.

On being asked about release of Aalam, Vishvas said, “It is better to shot the enemy of country dead than detaining him.”

“Presently, big number of jawans (Indian soldiers) are being martyred in Kashmir. It is my personal opinion that instead of detaining them, enemies of country should be shot dead”, he added.

The act sought by the AAP leader to bring into practice is grave violation of human rights. The statement also demonstrates his hate against struggling nationalities who are fighting for their right of self-determination.

It is notable that the AAP is known for having comparatively positive approach on human rights and rights of struggling nationalities as its various leaders including Yogendra Yadav and Supreme Court lawyer Parshant Bhushan are noted human rights activists of India. Due to which, the party has been seen as ray of hope for these nationalities, including Sikhs. The statement of Vishvas has maligned party’s image among these nationalities. This could cause lose for the party in upcoming Punjab assembly general elections of 2017.


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