Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK Speaks Out; Dismisses Allegations

NKJ FALSE ALLEGATIONS EXPOSED | Official Statement | Bhai Harinder Singh of Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK
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LONDON, UK—The Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK has released a video dismissing the recent allegations against Harinder Singh.

Harinder Singh has claimed innocence in the case and has alleged that he has explained the reality to concerned Sikh organizations in a meeting that took place last week.

There has been a continuous online social media attack over Nirvair Khalsa Jatha.  A telephone recording was uploaded online exposing Harinder Singh, however the NKJ’s official statement claims that the recording was doctored.


  1. this victim blaming culture in our religion needs to stop. If a young boy has came out and admitted to the abuse he went through JUST LISTEN? Stop enabling these predators to use their power dynamic to control the younger generation. Only Waheguru knows the truth but until then its up to us to stop Jathas from scouting young boys and allowing them to get away with sexual abuse. One allegation should be enough to blacklist a Jatha.

  2. If you have seen the recording you would understand how disgusting they are; I find it hard to believe they are doctored. Not hate, justice overrules emotion in a situation like this

  3. Spoiling a gurmukh name who are really attach to gurbani, maha paap, hope the person reliase it any ask a public apology.

  4. Ena simran krk v some people of UK have this cheap thinking…….that things are normal……it creates just irritation in mind……

  5. Singh ji ……you are absolutely right……its just a rubbish things that singh asked you….that singh like girls not open minded as well people who are asking……don’t worry Guru sahib in yours favour……

  6. KALJOG!!!! People will go to such lengths to try and break out SIKHI up! Guru Pitha ji can see it all and they will have to lie in the bed they have made! I DONT BELEIVE A SINGLE WORD GAVIN HAS SAID!

  7. Betha Bhai Harinder Singh Jio, Guru Granth Sahib Jio atey Bhai Randhir Singh directs seekers of Truth/ Gursikhi to King Gurbani. So kalyug troublemakers cannot defame your good intentions again. Vahiguroo knows the Truth as for current issue so keep silent now on Jio

  8. This is yet another Dirty Trick from Anti-Sikh fools to defame NVKJ group and Sikhism as a whole.
    And very very Beware…..we have more enemies within our own community than outside.

  9. Bhai Harinder Singh Jio is a genuine Gurmukh, as our great Gurus and Gurbani has been dishonored, same is being done to Khalsa by evil maya lovers


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