Sirsa Admits Taking Help from “Sacha Sauda” Cult Was a Mistake; Blames BJP for Loss

NEW DELHI, India—Manjinder Singh Sirsa, who was the first Akali Candidate to win the Assembly Elections Delhi of 2013, was defeated by shoe hurler journalist Jarnail Singh by a difference of more than 10000 votes.  Sirsa has now spoken up about the factors behind his defeat, blaming the BJP and the Sirsa based cult.

Sirsa blamed the controversial statement of Central Minister Saadhvi Niranjana Jyoti and the announcement of support by the anti-Sikh Sirsa Cult Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Beside these, Sirsa has stated that Congress-AAP worked jointly in Rajouri Garden against him.


It is noteworthy that the Central Minister Niranjana Jyoti gave a controversial statement during the ‘Jansabha’ of Manjinder Sirsa just two months before the election. This radical and controversial statement of Niranjana Jyoti against the Muslim brotherhood created a huge wave of protest, and the Muslim voters expressed their annoyance by voting against the Akali-BJP alliance. In a Muslim area, the Akali-BJP alliance only scored 117 out of 8500 votes. Manjinder Sirsa also said that the announcement of Sirsa Cult Chief to support BJP during the elections departed the Sikh youth’s support to Akali Dal during elections. He said that despite defeat, he scored more votes than earlier. He denied the allegations of using funds of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee for his preachment during the election.

AAP won the Delhi Assembly election by scoring 67 seats out of 70. BJP scored the other three seats. But even to form opposition in Assembly, a minimum 10% seats are required. The conditions now have clearly depicted that BJP or Congress will not be able to form opposition in Assembly.


  1. Rich man tries to buy his way into power with complete disregard of Sikh principles, uses every dirty trick in the book and yet, still loses by a mile.

    Poetic justice.


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