Sikh Youth Front Observes 26 January as ‘Black Day’ in Tarn Taran

Activists of Sikh Youth Front during the march
Activists of Sikh Youth Front during the march

TARN TARAN, Punjab—On the eve of Republic Day of India, Panthik organization Sikh Youth Front held an awareness march in the highly Sikh populated city of Tarn Taran. Damdami Taksal (Ajnala), Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committees, Human Rights Manch etc. also participated in this march to support the initiative of Sikh Youth Front.

Dr. Sharnjit Singh Rataul (President, Sikh Youth Front) said on this occasion that the Indian Constitution clearly merges Sikhism into Hinduism. From time to time atrocities of the Indian Government have made the Sikh community feel enslaved in India. He said that Sikh Youth Front is planning to take a positive initiative for the establishment of a Sikh homeland.

Bhai Papalpreet Singh (General Secretary, Sikh Youth Front) said that the dubious approach of the Indian judiciary towards Sikh freedom fighters is a signifier of slavery. He said that the Indian judiciary always implements a strict attitude towards innocent Sikh youth, while the same judiciary relieves fanatic Hindu culprits like Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar etc. involved in murder cases in the Sikh Genocide.

Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala, Bhai Balbir Singh Mucchhal, Bhai Tarlochan Singh Sohal, Bhai Gurnam Singh Dhunna, Bhai Saroop Singh Bhuchar, Bhai Sukhjit Singh Khela, Bhai Shamsher Singh Kuharhka, Bhai Ranjit Singh, Bhai Kamikkar Singh, Bhai Kamaljit Singh, Bhai Harsharan Singh etc. were prominent among the gathering on this occasion.  


  1. im a hindu and i beleive that hindu sikh muslims christians is not made by god and is made by peoples.we should tell the youth to live freedomfully and love each other instead of misguiding them.there should be only one religion humanity.god only bless who loves humanity not who love racism
    all men have same type of body the blood of all is red in colour.just their beleifs does’nt make them seperate.
    so step up and love humanity.

  2. It is well worth mentioning here for all the SIKHS that they are not
    Hindu or Hindustani BUT BHARAT-VASI [INDIAN CITIZEN ]. One can say

    SIKHI is a Separate Religion.


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