UK Gurdwara Runs Entirely on Seva

2015-01-23- south shieldsA Gurdwara Sahib located in South Shields, UK is the only known Gurdwara Sahib in the world which runs just on sewa of sangat. This Gurdwara Sahib has no golak, no paid granthis, kirtaniye, committee, or any employee. The Gurdwara is called Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas and is the only Gurdwara to have continues Akhand Jaap since 1984, which means at least 1 person is doing naam jap at all times since 1984. The Gurdwara first opened up in 1981 by some humble Gursikhs and the tradition has been an example of seva for the past 33 years.

The normal hardworking Sikh sangat run the Gurdwara, prepare langar, do kirtan, katha, and manage the Gurdwara all voluntarily. The humble Gursikhs are now preparing the next generation to take the sewa forward and keep the tradition of seva alive.

Sangat is invited to attend the daily Amrit Vela programme at Gurdwara Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khas, South Shields.

The daily schedule is as follows:

4am Ramala’s Sewa (changed daily) 
4:15am aprox Parkash Sewa of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji then Hukamnama 
4/4.30am Shashter’s Sewa (all Shasters are cleaned and dusted then displayed in new settings daily.
4:30 to 5:15am aproxx Mool Mantre & Nitnem Banis done by Sangat present turn wise. 
5:15am till 8am complete Asa ki Vaar Keertan with Shabads
Ardaas Hukamnama
8:15am to 9am larivaar katha (done by sangat)


  1. Please provide the address of this SIKH SURDWARA IN UK
    I would very much like to visit this HOLY PLACE.

    This is a sincere Request.



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