Bhai Gurpiyar Singh Continues Hunger Strike in Jantar Mantar, Delhi

JALANDAR, Punjab—Bhai Gurpiyar Singh who recently started his hunger strike in Gurdwara Lakhnour near Ambala has shifted to the Jantar Mantar in Delhi and is going to continue his hunger strike there. Bhai Gurpiyar is on a hunger strike in support of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh who is also on a hunger strike for the release of Sikh political prisoners who have already served their time in jail.

Bhai Gurpiyar first started his hunger at Gurdwara Lakhnour after Bhai Gurbaksh Singh was picked up by Haryana police and admitted to the Civil Hospital in Ambala January 10th. Rumors had spread that Bhai Gurpiyar had “gone missing” and abandoned the Lakhnour Gurdwara and stopped his hunger strike. AISSF president Karnail Singh Peermohammed advised that this wasn’t the case. He stated that Bhai Gurpiyar Singh was veered to Jantar Mantar where he continued his hunger strike.

Peermohammad explained that the reason Bhai Gurpiyar Singh was shifted to Jantar Mantar was because Haryana Police had been pressuring the Lakhnour Gurdwara committee to have Bhai Gurpiyar Singh vacated from the premises which led to the committee asking Bhai Sahib to leave. He also stated that Bhai Gurbaksh Singh was still continuing his hunger strike and would continue it until death if he has to.



  1. It is very heartening to read that Bhai GURBAKSH Singh ji is OK and continueing his Hanger Strike.

    Our prayer to WAHE GURU JI to give courage and strenght to GURPIYAR SINGH to keep his HUNGER STRIKE going at “Jantar Mantar” in DELHI so that the WORLD MEDIA can be drawn to this NEWS of the Sikh’s fight for Justice for the release of the political prisoners who have surved thier time and sentences.


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