BREAKING: Khalsa Panth Assemble at Akal Takht to Demand Restoration of Original Nanakshahi Calender

Sikh Sangat
Sikh Sangat

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Led by noted Sikh preacher Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa, more than five dozens leading religious, social and political Sikh organizations and large numbers of Sikh sangat assembled at Sri Akal Takht Sahib to take up the sensitive issues of implementing original Nanakshahi Calender, termination of section 25 (2) (b) of the Indian Constitution and the release of Sikh political prisoners permanently with its appointed Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh.

Representatives of Sikh Sangat submitting memorandum to Akal Takhat Sahib Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh
Representatives of Sikh Sangat submitting memorandum to Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh

The unprecedented gathering was mainly attended by Panthik Talmel Committee patron Giani Kewal Singh, Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK chief Bhai Bakhshish Singh, Akhand Kirtani Jatha (International) chief Giani Baldev Singh, ‘Sikh Fulwari’ monthly editor Harjit Singh, ‘Missionary Sedhan’ monthly editor Avtar Singh, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Live Sikh World, Bhai Satnam Singh Chandar, Sikh preacher, Bhai Baljit Singh Burj Naklian, Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) Senior vice president and former MP Bhai Dhian Singh Mand, general secretary Jaskaran Singh Kahan Singh Wala, Prof. Mohinder Pal Singh, Media incharge Iqbal Singh Tiwana, Jarnail Singh Sakhira, Harbir Singh Sandhu, Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani) leaders Baba Hardeep Singh Mehraj, Baldev Singh Sirsa, Sikh preacher Sarabjit Singh Dhunda, Sikh scholar Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udoke, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee Haryana chief Bhai Sukhwinder Singh, Damdami Taksal (Ajnala) chief Bhai Amrik Singh Ajanala, Akhand Kirtani Jatha leader Bhai RP Singh, ‘Akal Purakh Ki Fauj’ director Advocate Jaswinder Singh, Principal Baljinder Singh, Baba Anoop Singh Akal Bunga etc.

It is pertinent to mention that the entire Sikh sangat were listening to Panthik speakers with keen concentration even without any mic. All speakers including Bhai Panthpreet Singh jointly said the Punjab legislative assembly should pass a resolution to get section 25 (2) (b) of the India Constitution amended. In respect of release of Sikh political prisoners,

Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa addressing Sikh Sangat
Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa addressing Sikh Sangat

they appealed Akal Takht Jathedar to lead the nation so that a mass movement could be launched in order to ensure the release of Sikh prisoners languishing in various jails of India. Sanagat gave their approval to these points by raising the slogan of ‘Sat Sri Akal’. The speakers also showed concern about the health condition of Bhai Gurbaksh Signh Khalsa which is deteriorating very critically.

Sikhs in large numbers were seen displaying a banner in support of the orginal Nanakshahi Calender.

The Sikh assembly also said that the so called Saints or cultists who did not follow the Panth Parvanit Sikh Rehat Maryada (Sikh code of conduct accepted by community) of Akal Takht Sahib had no right to oppose the Nanakshahi Calender nor to appeal to Akal Takht.

A memorandum in this regard was submitted to Giani Gurbachan Singh. After getting the memorandum, Akal Takht

Sikh Leaders
Sikh Leaders

Jathedar discussed the matter with representatives of the Sikh sangat for an hour.

Talking to media persons, Bhai Panthpreet Singh said they had made the Jathedar aware of the aspirations of the Sikh sangat. He said the Jathedar has asked all the Sikh bodies to come to the fore for termination of section 25 (2) (b). As far as the Nanakshahi calendar, the Jathedar reportedly said that the final decision would be taken in the meeting of Panj Singh Sahiban (highest presidium of Sikhs), but he assured that the decision would be taken as per aspirations of Sikh sangat.

Kirpal Singh Bathinda, Prof. Gurpreet Singh Guru Gobind Study Circle, Karam Singh Bhoian SAD (A), Amrik Singh Nangal, Parminderpal Singh Khalsa Internation Sikh welfare society, Dalbir Singh Dastar Federation of India, Bhai Makhan Singh from Jammu and Sikh leaders from Haryana and Rajasthan were present on the occasion.




Sikh Sangat giving their approval to resolutions




  1. This gathering is for new year>they are neither supporters of panthpreet nor in favour of purewal calendar.

    Panthpreet is a missionary, a friend of ghagha and a known opponent of Dasam bani

  2. Bahout wadhiaa uddam–i really appreciate this step of Bhai Panthpreet Singh jee & others who cooperated this cause. I advocate if this effort could become a mass movement for liberating Gurudwaraas from the clutches of baa-dull landar laana..Let us unitedly win this goal.

  3. Does the Khalsa Panth only consist of these people? What isit? 100? 200? 300 people? Is that how big the Khalsa Panth is?

    The main people leading this are known for jumping from one Jathebandi to the other. One man Jathebandi’s thinking they represent the entire Panth?

    These same people question Gurbani, and the Guru, who are they to represent the entire Khalsa Panth?

    If these guys had a real following they would have made a real difference by now, at least Sant Samaj and Damdami Taksal managed to establish the 1984 memorial, what have these guys done? Yet they alone claim to be the Panth?


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