BREAKING NEWS: Captain Amarinder Insinuates Sikhs are Hindus

Amritsar Sahib, Punjab— Congress Party deputy leader, Captain Amarinder insinuated that Sikhs are Hindus in the video below. When reporters asked Captain if he would support the repeal of Article 25-B, Captain Amarinder refused to take a Panthik stance and instead stated it was not important to repeal Article 25-B as Sikhism is only 500 years old and insinuated that before that period everyone who would come to adopt Sikhism was a Hindu.

Article 25-B of the Indian Constitution declares Sikhs to be Hindus. Sikhs have sought the repeal of this article since the creation of the Indian Constitution. Recently SAD Deputy leader Sukhbir Badal called for the repeal of Article 25-B. Akal Takht’s appointed Jathedar has also called for the repeal of Article 25-B. Sikhs for Justice, has also started a petition for US President Barack Obama to bring up the issue with Indian Prime Minister Modi.


What we were 500 years ago? Capt. Amrinder Singh on different identity of Sikh's in constitution
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  1. Yes he is right. 500 years ago no Sikhs in India. Sikhs converted from Hindus just like Buddhist and Jains. They also classified as Hindus but they are cool about it and accept their history.

  2. Sikh’s are not Hindu the only direct link we do have is we saved them from the Muslims as did the 9th Guru who had his head cut off rather then convert to Islam…

  3. Why does article 25 of this ‘democratic’ country’s constitution start with a seemingly positive statement “all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience” but then singles out a community for reform (effectively exclusion from the above) and finally ends up clubbing all indigenous faiths together into this reform? Very strange!

    • I donot know how you wld react to this:
      My family is from Rawalpindi and they moved to India at the time of partition. My grandma(dadi) told us and also from pictures I have seen… That my uncle(dad’s older brother) is a Sadar and had long hair and my dad is a Hindu. My grandfather is a Hindu while 3 of his elder brothers are sardar. Tradition was tht the older son was a sardar.
      My family has taught us to visit the temple and a gurdwara with the same comitment.
      In such political divide I would like to know which side should I stand.? My uncle is a Sikh and parents Hindu what does that make me?

  4. Why Mr. Amarinder is putting a such a Big TURBAN on his Head ?
    These type of people have sold the sikhi to Congress & BJP & RSS.
    They have NO Shame or Pride left in them .
    SIKHI will be better without them.


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