Anti-Sikh Noormehal Cult Arming Violent Low-Caste Youths

Government Silent, Youth of low caste are being instigated to fight

JALANDHAR—As the period given by the High Court to cremate the dead body of Ashutosh is nearing its end, the Noormehal Cult is completing weapons training to Youth of low caste for using them in clashes. The cult is said to be emotionally instigating the youth.


According to reliable information, three former Police commanders (DSP’s) are busy in providing weapons training to 600 youth belonging to the Noormehal Cult. Most of the youth belong to low castes in society. The Noormehal Cult seems to be planning widespread violence in Punjab.

Large numbers of rifles and ammunition are being collected in the cult’s compound. Beside it, loaded trucks of stones are being delivered to the cult.

The Noormehal Cult has also announced that it will petition the Supreme Court after its rejection of Petition from the High Court, but the cult is spending most of its resources to prepare for a violent showdown. The Punjab Government is claiming to have strict control over the activities of the Noormehal Cult, but the activities inside the cult are clearly speaking to the failures of the Punjab Government.


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