Poem: An 11 year old expresses his thoughts and feelings about the events of 1984

sikh children

This was written by this youngster on his way to school in under 10 minutes!!

***** 1984 The Sikh Genocide *****

How can we forget,
People were dying
Children were crying
Yet the government is 
Still denying
Still lying.

How can we forget
Bluestar was evil
Bluestar was cruel
Now they’re trying to make us the fool.

Our brother’s were killed
Our sisters were raped. 
Harmandir Sahib they did desecrate
I’m not singing this song to remember but to remind. 
Now pyaarae khalsa ji justice we will find!!

Thousands were left injured. 
Thousands left dead.
Kumar and Tytler mobs they led
They put tyres round our necks
Kerosene on our head
Then they burnt us till we were dead.

Tank shells at darbar sahib
Bullets through our hearts
They callously tore our families apart.

To this day we won’t forget
The acts of 84 
They’ll always live forevermore

Now we shall open our eyes wide. 
And recognise this genocide!!

Courtesy: Sikh Youth Project


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