High Court Orders Investigation Against Sirsa Cult for Making Dera Men Impotent

gurmeet_ram_rahimCHANDIGARH, Punjab—Punjab and Haryana High Court today ordered the Haryana Government to investigate the allegations on Cult Sirsa of making male devotees impotent.

Justice K. Kanan asked for a medical check-up of 166 male devotees of Cult Sirsa and the presenting of the investigation report within a month.

It is noteworthy that this case was filed through a petition by a former devotee of Cult Sirsa Hans Raj Chauhan. Advocate Navkiran Singh is handling this case in court. Hans Raj Chauhan explained that the Chief of Cult Sirsa made him impotent by saying that he will meet God by doing this. Petitioners presented a list of 400 devotees of Cult Sirsa who has been made impotent.

In response to the High Court, Chief of Cult Sirsa refused to accept this allegation by saying that this is a stunt to destroy the goodwill of Cult Sirsa.

The sirsa based Sacha Sauda cult has been in the news for past few years for a number of criminal activities, including murders and rapes.  In 2007, the cult leader adorned clothing similar to the attire of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, when he mimicked the Sikh baptism ceremony.  His move had deeply upset the Sikh community.


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