Kaveeshri About Guru Gobind Singh Ji by Shaheed Bhai Nirmal Singh

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Shaheed Bhai Nirmal Singh received many threats from the Punjab Police for speaking against the tyranny of the Punjab Police and singing in praise of the Sikh freedom struggle and Singhs. Despite this Bhai Sahib and his Jatha fearlessly sang Vaars (ballards) about tyranny committed against the Sikh nation and the valour of the Sikh defenders of faith throughout Punjab.

Eventually Bhai Sahib was harassed by the Punjab Police and beaten for reciting the following Vaar: ‘Eh Khotee Sarkaar Hai Barnaale Dee….’ (‘This fake government is of Barnala…’). They cut off Bhai Sahib’s tongue, gunned him down and then threw his body into a river in a jhoota mukaabalaa (fake encounter).



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