Hundreds Remember 1984 Sikh Genocide Victims by Donating Blood in Yuba City, California

YUBA CITY, California, USA—Sikhs will never forget the Sikh genocide of November 1984. This message was conveyed by the Sikhs who donated blood in a Blood Camp organized in memory of the Sikh genocide of November 1984 in Yuba City. This trend was started during 1999 in Canada’s city of Surrey. Now, it has extended over the whole world and has saved over 92000 lives. A Canadian agency declared it the largest blood donation camp.

This Blood Camp was organized the first time in Yuba City on 1st November. The Blood Service of California called for a minimum of 60 blood donors – but during a Nagar Kirtan on 1st November in Yuba City, 123 young people donated blood from 11 am to 4 pm.  Ms. Robin of the Blood Service said that this was first time in California that such a huge cluster of people donated blood.

Organizers stated that this is the best way for educating people about the Sikh genocide of 1984. S. Resham Singh and S. Ajit Singh Aloarkh of Shiromani Akali Dal (Mann) also praised this blood camp. Volunteers distributed literature about the Sikh genocide. Volunteer Harpreet Singh talked to the Blood Service of California and helped arrange this Blood Donation Camp.


  1. It is good move by sikh community to fight for victims of 1984 and demand punishment for those who were involved in the killings of thousand sikhs ,but on the same time we should demand the release of those persons who were arrested by police by framing fake charges ,those persons are in very bad condition ,some of them have lost their mental balance .we should raise this issue with human rights organization .


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