Vote for New Bibi Nanaki Community Park in New Westminster, BC

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC—Khalsa Diwan Society New Westminster, BC Canada has entered into a competition organized by Aviva Insurance to secure a community park called the Bibi Nanaki Community Park. This is a national level competition in Canada and hundreds of community proposals are being submitted for voting. The park will be wheelchair accessible to give equal opportunity to kids of all levels of abilities to enjoy the park. Voting takes place online, anyone can make an account and vote once a day. The voting will go on until November 3rd, the winners will move on to the semi-finals.


Step-by-step instructions to vote:

1.Visit Aviva Insurance website: (see project name: Bibi Nanaki Community Park)

2.Register your name and email address

3.Email confirmation will be sent to your email

4.From your email – Sign In and VOTE.

5.Sign in DAILY from October 20 – November 3 to vote.

About the Park:
The Bibi Nanaki Community Park is an all-inclusive and all-ability (wheelchair friendly) park proposed for the community of New Westminster, BC.It will serve a community of approximately 2,000 people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

The proposed park will be developed in an area owned and maintained by the Khalsa Diwan Society, New Westminster (the Society).This is a community–run society, whose objective is to serve humanity by promoting goodwill, respect and understanding for ALL.The Society has plans to develop a community childcare centre in the near future.The community has already funded approximately $500,000 for renovations, currently taking place for the main complex. It is our dream to be able to get the funding required for the park to assist the community towards its development objectives.The Bibi Nanaki Community Park shall be the first all-ability and inclusive park (wheelchair friendly) in New Westminster. While it has long been recognized that children with differing abilities and physical challenges often have difficulty playing and socializing, little attention has been devoted to addressing this issue on the playground.It is therefore our dream to design and develop a park that will cater to children, seniors and their families to play together regardless of their abilities.

Great quality and well-designed community parks come at a premium and they cost $200,000 – which is a lot of money for the community to raise on their own. Such parks are long term community facilities that serve toddlers to grandparents. Charity programs such as, The AVIVA Community Fund, help dreams become achievable sooner and brings communities closer.

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