Op/Ed: Why Gurmeet Ram Rahim and His Cult is a Big Joke

Gurmeet Ram Rahim
Gurmeet Ram Rahim is head of the Sacha Sauda cult.

1) He rapes women- A letter sent by one of his female followers to the Prime Minister was published in a newspaper. The letter claimed that Ram Rahim regularly raped her and about 50 other female followers. The editor of the newspaper ‘Pura Sach,’ Ram Chandra Chatrapati, was murdered by goons of Ram Rahim for publishing the letter. So much for freedom of speech and press in India. Ram Rahim has not been convicted, so much for justice in India. He has not even appeared before the court, whereas it is mandatory for those accused to appear in Court. He has been given special treatment by the Government of India, as he is anti-Sikh and the Government supports many anti-Sikh groups.

2014-06-10 no democracy

2) He kills innocent people- Over the years a lot of Sikhs have protested against the actions of Ram Rahim and Sikhs have been killed by his security. In 2007 Shaheed Bhai Kanwaljeet Singh was shot and killed by Dera Sacha Sauda followers as he and other Gursikhs protested the actions of the Dera Head Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Shaheed Bhai Kanwaljeet Singh
Shaheed Bhai Kanwaljeet Singh

3. Calls himself the living Guru- He pretends to be Guru Gobind Singh Jee and even dresses like Guru Sahib at times. Enough said.

4. Imitated Guru Gobind Singh- He angered Sikhs world wide when he made his own version of Amrit, when he mixed Sharbat with milk and claimed it to be better than Amrit. He then set up his Sat Stare (Seven Stars) in mockery of the Panj Pyare of Guru Gobind Singh.

Ram Rahim making his "Amrit".
Ram Rahim making his “Amrit”.

5) Castrates men and sells them into slavery- One of his followers reported that the Dera Chief had allegedly castrated 400 men and sold them into slavery. After all, he can’t expect the Indian Government to pay him THAT much now can he? He needs to have his own business ventures.

6) Disrespecting and changing “Ik Onkaar” in his logo- In an effort to try and look like a universal religion Ram Rahim’s logo for his “religion” had done a big beadbi to the symbol Ik Onkar by combining it with other symbols of other religions. He has cut the word “Ik Onkaar” in half.

2014-06-12_ sacha sauda


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