Belgium Sikhs Appreciate Decision of Supreme Court in Lifting Turban Ban

13-year- old Sharanjit Singh was forced to remove his patka to attend a Belgian school for the past one year

YPRES, Belgium—The Sikh community living in Belgium has appreciated the ruling by the Supreme Court of Belgium for lifting the ban on the dastar.  Jasdev Singh, a Sikh living in Belgium, told Sikh24 that:

“The Supreme Court ruling has given a big relief to the Sikh Community here, which has been fighting for its identity and distinctness for quite some time.” 

“Permitting the Sikh students to wear turbans in school has come as a big relief to everyone living here, but it will be a continued battle to ensure everyone is welcoming of the Sikh identity,” he added. 

The legal struggle of a Sikh belonging to Sint-Truiden in Belgium became fruitful yesterday, as the Supreme Court gave a decision in his favor by discharging the ban of the Flemish Education Department on the turban. The Supreme Court discharged this ban by declaring it a “Violation of Human Rights and Religious Freedom of European Union.”

Lawyer of this young Singh, Peter Bram Liege, expressed pleasure in the court’s decision and said, “All those Sikh students of Belgium that were studying in schools with uncovered heads will take advantage of this decision and now they can wear the turban.”

This case was fought with the assistance of United Sikhs (UK).  A press release was issued by United Sikhs yesterday informing the Sikh sangat of this historical decision.


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