Invest in Gurbani Classes Not Printing Press, Says Gurbani Satkaar Committee BC

2014-10-14- gurbani satkarBC, Canada—The following statement by the Gurbani Satkaar Committee of BC was given to Sikh24:

The Gurbani Satkaar Committee of BC is firmly against the establishment of a Gurbani printing press in North America.

Without a public census of the number and location of Saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib currently in North America, nor an established system to ensure the respect of Saroops currently in North America, the establishment of a printing will be detrimental. In printing Gurbani without collective consensus of the level of demand, there is potential for commodification of Gurbani to occur.

Furthermore, a printing press is vulnerable to corruption or exploitation. The deplorable conditions at the DSGMC press are a testament to this, as can be seen in pictures and eye witness reports. Maintaining full Satkaar at Ramsar Sahib is even a challenge.

Mass-printing of Gurbani will not increase access to knowledge or teachings of Gurbani. Instead, efforts should be invested in establishing more Gurbani classes, Santhiya classes, and camps where people can learn the art of writing their own Pothis and gain deeper awareness of Gurbani Satkaar.

As mentioned in the statement, the “deplorable conditions” at the DSGMC have been well documented in the past by Sikh24 and other online Sikh News Outlets. Satkaar of Gurbani and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee should be the highest concern for all Gursikhs. Access to Gurbani Santhiya classes and camps are a must today.


  1. The most important need of the day is imparting knowledge of Gurbani to all Sikhs who are interested in living a Sikh way of life – a Sachiar living. Eating good food, body and mental exercise, living a life according to teachings of our Gurus and the way our Gursikhs lived can go a long way to help Sikhs to live a meaningful life. Without this nothing can be achieved.


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