First Sikh High School Opens in Canada

Sikh SchoolSURREY, BC, Canada—The worlds first Sikh high school opened on October 3, 2014 in Surrey B.C. The local Sikh community have worked long and hard to open the first Sikh high school and it finally payed off.

The official name of the Sikh high school is “Khalsa Secondary School Old Yale.” The grand opening of the school is being celebrated by an Akhand Paat which was started Friday morning. Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji cordially invites sangat to the bhog of the Akhand Path which will be taking place at 10am on Sunday at the Khalsa Secondary School on 10589-124th street in Surrey B.C. which will be followed by Kirtan and Langar.

May Guru Sahib keep the Sevadars and Khalsa School in Chardikala and continue to bless us with more schools like this.




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