Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria Admitted to Hospital as Health Deteriorates

Daya Singh LahoryaNEW DELHI, India—The former member of Khalistan Liberation Force (KCF) Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria who is detained in Tihar Jail, is seriously ill and has been admitted to Hospital.

His wife Bibi Kamaljit Kaur who met him in jail has said he was ill since couple of days due to the rude attitude of jail administration which was not caring for Sikh detainees inside the jail. She said her husband was facing a serious infection and living on glucose since five days.

“He (Bhai Lahoria) was admitted to Din Dyal Hospital here on Thursday evening where police are not allowing anyone to see him. Even his family members are not permitted to meet him,” she said, adding, “I contacted president of Delhi Singh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) and Parmjit Singh Rana, incharge of its Dharam Parchar wing to make them aware about the situation and asked them to take action promptly.”

As per media sources, taking action in this matter Parmjit Singh Rana has written a letter to various officers of Delhi and high officials of Tihar Jail administration asking them to ensure proper treatment of Bhai Sahib.

Rana said, “To provide aid to Singhs detained in the jail is our prime national duty and we will help Bhai Lahoria with every possible means.”

As per the latest reports, Bhai Lahoria is still in Hospital. As his family members are not being permitted to see him, nothing could be spoken about the health condition of the Sikh freedom fighter.

Prior to this, the health condition of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara who is also detained in Tihar Jail had deteriorated severely. At the first stage, the jail administration refused to provide proper medical treatment to him, but after the order of Delhi High Court, the administration had to have him admitted to AIIMS for treatment.


  1. Serious health issues of Sikh detainees not addressed, the primary basic right of every being, clearly shows what is to come under the “Hindus Only” (Modi’s) government. May Waheguru bless my veer bhai sahibs chardi kala!


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