Sikh Youth of Punjab Address Issues of Drugs, Disrespect to Women and Yellow Literature

SYPSRI AMRITSAR, Punjab—Realizing that excellence and activism is the need of the hour, the young activist boys and girls gathered at a call of Sikh Youth of Punjab (SYP) on Tuesday. They resolved that they would address the issues of drug menace, disrespect to women and yellow literature with persuasion, education and arming residents of Punjab with knowledge.

They declared they would not allow Punjab to be consumed by drugs and asserted that personal responsibility was a pre-requisite to tackle this bull by the horns. 

“As a united voice with a proactive agenda we, the tomorrow of Punjab, will bring change in the little world we live in,” reads the resolution adopted during the youth conference organized by SYP on the outskirts of Guru Nanak Dev University.

The speakers, mainly SGPC members Bibi Kiranjot Kaur, Prof Jagmohan Singh and Prof Inderjit Singh Gogoani, felt that the society was facing attack from the dirty nexus of politicians-police-smugglers who work under the cloak of various socio-cultural fronts. They pointed out that Punjab was under attack from these drug lords who are being facilitated by political leaders across the spectrum. 

The speakers urged the youth to participate in activism by declaring and proclaiming that they would not tolerate the degradation of women and that they would bail Punjab out of a sinking hole.

Banners were displayed prompting the youth to work for a new Punjab, a drug free state. and make the next generation proud of Punjab.

SYP head Nobeljit Singh from Hoshiarpur said we have no doubt that the strong value system of Punjab, respect for women, standing up for the underdog (oppressed) and refraining from intoxicants will withstand the test of our time.

Delivering the key note, party’s vice head Paramjit Singh Tanda observed that confronting any socio-political issue that was being patronized by the established conservative class was never an easy task. What we need today is not standing observation or nodding of heads to address the issue but a commitment with ourselves that we can and will change the current system that is flawed.

Organization’s secretary Sukhvider Singh from Anandpur Sahib said drugs do not discriminate among Punjabis. The cancerous epidemic affects all alike. He added that the modernistic introduction of vulgarity and the diluting of values is never welcome and will be rejected by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Punjab. 

Kiranjot Kaur said women make up almost half the human population and must be included in leadership positions for promoting a better understanding in society. She further said a woman is the core of a family which is the smallest unit of society, therefore her contribution is immense in inculcating moral values and spirit in the young. 

Well known human rights activist Prof Jagmohan Singh in his address said Punjab today is going through difficult times.  Drug abuse is a serious concern. Lack of interest in education has taken gigantic proportions. A neo-sub-culture a la Bollywood is being foisted on us through the mega-rich producers who are not Punjabi. The degrading treatment to women of all walks of life puts a question mark on Punjabi character. The lethargy and lack of foresight of the governmental authorities is leading us nowhere. 

He said that from streets to the corridors of power, from canteens to the drawing rooms, this country runs on two concepts –”chalta hai ” and “mainu ki.”  There is filth on the streets –chalta hai. There is goondaism in the colony –mainu ki. The government is not fulfilling its promises –so what can I do. Female students are being teased outside of colleges and universities –it is their problem, not mine. The neighbour’s son has become a drug addict –too bad but that family is responsible. These are our standard responses. Everyone’s problems are nobody’s problems.



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