Op/Ed: I Wish for a Revolutionized Panjab

A travel destination is different from a dream destination. My dream to explore the homeland of my soul, Punjab, is an everlasting desire. This shall never be satisfied no matter the number of visits I make there. If I was given the choice of traveling anywhere in the world I would choose to travel to a place of peace and one that relates to my roots. This place would be my village in Punjab. An independent Punjab. A Punjab that soars free of the shackles of slavery under India. Such a Punjab that would liberate my soul without having contact.

Punjab has been and is the breadbasket of India, providing it with most of its fruits, vegetables and grains. This 50,362 km region not only provides for the whole country but also is from where my lineage originates. It fascinates me that an old village is able to survive without the use of technology and not only provide for itself, but millions others. This land is not just a crop yielding field, it is the place where I wish to till my feelings of love. The lovely sunrises that simultaneously bring the early dew amongst the grass and the chirping of birds in the poplar trees is my favorite way of greeting a day. The sunset far amidst silence of nature is the most melodious composition in the universe. This is a land where stars gaze upon you instead of vice versa, and fall into love with every soul sleeping on rooftops after a day full of hard work and sweat. I love my Punjab.

Unfortunately, Punjab now is different than what my ancestors saw of. Some of them saw war, tarnish, tragedy, and seperation. Others saw infringements upon civil rights & liberties, which led to activism and uprising and later led to human rights violations and a full powered state-sponsored genocide. Now Punjab sees a daily score of farmer suicides due to debt, a daily score of dead youth due to drug overdose, and a daily score of female feoticide in one form or the other.

I cry every night for what my sister Punjab has had to take upon herself. I wish for a revolutionized Punjab where the minds of the youth shall not be corrupted by drugs like heroin and cocaine. A peaceful and self-reliant place where self determination is the default setting of the human mindset. I wish for Punjab to experience a new life without these demons upon her head, leading to a genuine lifestyle. This shall provide for positive perspectives on life and hope for a Punjab of my aspirations. Thus, such a Punjab will help an individual appreciate the nature around them become more aware of their surrounds, economically, politically, and socially.


  1. Very deep and heart touching article. We will make the revolution came back in Punjab, the mystery is when. Its good to know people are still there who still love their homeland. Much love fam.


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