Manjit Singh GK Writes Prime Minister’s Office Seeking Action in 1984 Sikh Genocide Cases

NEW DELHI—Manjit Singh GK, President of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, has contacted the Prime Minister’s Office seeking action in the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms in Delhi. The genocidal mania took place in New Delhi and other large Indian cities in November 1984, killing tens of thousands of Sikhs. Since then, investigations have been few and far between and very few people have been charged.  GK has expressed concern over the lack of action in these cases, as there has been no coordination between state prosecuting agencies to bring the perpetrators of the pogroms to justice.

The following is the text of the letter written by Manjit Singh GK to Dr. Jatinder Singh.


Dr. Jatinder Singh Ji,

Hon’ble Minister of State,

Prime Minister’s Office,

New Dehi – 110001


Reg.: Appointment of Special Public Prosecutors


Respected Sir,


This request is being necessitated to be filed on account of there being a total lack of prosecution by the State Prosecuting Agencies in dealing with cases in 1984 riot victims. In addition, there has been a total lack of coordination between the State Prosecuting Agencies in bringing the guilty to book. The acts of complacency on behalf of State Prosecuting Agencies can be crystalised in a nut-shell to say: –

(i) That the Congress Government has been shielding the culprits of 1984 riots where over 4000 persons were killed in Delhi alone.

(ii) In FIR No.67/1987 charge-sheet was prepared for murder under Section 302 IPC. The charge-sheet was signed by the Investigating Officer and Assistant Commissioner of Police as early as possible 08.04.1992 but the said charge-sheet was never filed in Court. The said fact came to light for the first time when the Hon’ble High Court appointed Special Public Prosecutor Mr. B.S. Joon vide its order dated 08.02.2010 passed in W.P.(C) No.525/2010. It was the Special Public Prosecutor, who found charge-sheet of this case lying in the police file of another case and it was he who brought it to the notice of the Court. The Trial Court directed the police to take appropriate steps in presenting the charge-sheet in appropriate Court but the police on the other hand instead of filing the charge-sheet started to re-investigate the matter.

(iii) In another case related to Delhi Cantt. police station the case was transferred to CBI along with all relevant papers as early as possible October, 2005. Two months thereafter, Delhi Police filed a closure report in the Court giving clean chit to Sajjan Kumar. The Delhi High Court passed strictures against Delhi Police observing that once the case has been transferred to CBI, Delhi Police has no power to file closure report. The Delhi High Court directed the Commissioner of Police to hold inquiry and take action against guilty police officers within six months but till date no action has been taken by the Delhi Police.

(iv) The DIG of CBI took a decision to file a charge-sheet against Jagdish Tytler. The said decision was approved by the then Joint Director, Mr. Arun Kumar. However, the then Joint Director, CBI Mr. Ashwani Kumar overruled this decision and decided to file the closure report giving clean chit to Jagdish Tytler. Mr. Ashwani Kumar has been awarded with a plum post of Governor of Nagaland.

(v) One Mr. Joginder Singh, who is a Bus driver and a witness to one of the important cases, lost his son who was set on fire sleeping outside his house. His minor daughter was kidnapped about 12 years ago and till date has not been traced.

These are some of the cases, which are known to the applicant and there are thousands more, which have never seen the light of the day on account of apathy and callousness of the previous government.

In this view of the matter, we request you to appoint Special Public Prosecutors to supervise and oversee the progress of 1984 criminal cases in order to bring the guilty to book at the earliest.

Thanking you with warm regards,


Yours sincerely



  1. Let us hope that the New Prime Minister Of INDIA Mr. MODI
    Tackle and resolve this out standing problem of the SIKH’S.
    Who are the citizen of BHARAT and their home land PUNJAB.


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