10 Possible Sikh Reality Shows

With Autumn coming up in the Northern Hemisphere it’s time for new television shows in many parts of the world. If there was a Sikh television channel with reality shows, here are some possible popular new shows…

1. Big Brother Amritsar

Ten gursikhs from ten different jathebandis live together in one house and have to do paath and simran together everyday.

2. Raagi Idol

Raagi Jathas from around the world compete for the top spot.


3. Top Sant

Who’s the real brahm gyani? 200 sants compete to be the real 108.


4. Gurdwara Committee Apprentice

A gurdwara president wields his power by firing everyone else.

 2014-09-21_committee apprentice

5. Help, I’m Married to a Patit!

An amritdhari guy realizes his wife cuts her hair and helps her on her path to gursikhi.


6. Rishta Bachelor

A gursikh boy’s parents travel the world interviewing prospective rishtas.


7. The Amazing Race – Sikh edition

Sikhs run for their lives from the Indian government agents


8. Langar Wars

Langarees from 10 different gurdwaras compete for the affection of the sangat.

Guru Ramdas Langer


9. Extreme Makeover – Gurdwara edition

Kaar seva babas remodel Gurdwaras to win the top prize


10. Who’s the real Jathedar?

Sikhs compete to win the affection of Parkash Badal with ever more corrupt acts to become the top Jathedar.



  1. Funny isnt it poking fun at your own selves kinda shows how you have your own agenda instead of spreading hate why not spread ekta
    but you guys haha could care less about that

  2. For the First one, Sikhi is not showcase for everyone to watch others preying but it’s to learn, follow and start preying. and the Third one isn’t the right way to judge a Sant.


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