BREAKING: Gunshots Fired at Two Gurdwaras in Greece

Shots fired at two Gurdwaras in Greece
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LONDON, UK—Two Gurdwaras were attacked by gunfire in Greece earlier today.  Namely, Gurdwara Sri Dasmesh Singh Sabha and Bhagat Ravidas Darbar in Marathon,Greece, were targeted in what is being perceived as an organized attack.

Sikh Channel UK broke the news after the incident.  Since then, they have interviewed several Sikhs living in Greece who have provided reports of the incident.

“Tony” Singh, while speaking with Sikh Channel UK stated that such attacks are common in Greece.  He said that the Punjabi community is not organized and most are labour workers.  “Though such attacks are common, since many Sikhs work in farms, they are not able to seek our help on the growing problem,” said Singh.

Guru Granth Sahib saroops are said to be safe and there were no casualties reported, however the Gurdwara buildings faced some damage.

Sikhs in Greece have stated that these are racially motivated crimes.  Sikhs are being targeted in hate crimes nationwide as right-wing and neo-nazi parties grab a foothold around the country since the economic downturn in Greece.




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