Haryana Gurdwara Committee Vows to Support Congress Against SAD, BJP and INLD

Didar Singh Nalwi
Didar Singh Nalwi

KURUKSHETRA, Haryana, India—Didar Singh Nalvi, senior vice president of Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC) trained his guns at the SAD, BJP and the INLD.  Nalvi said that these political parties were communal and opposed to the rights of the Haryana Sikhs.

Nalvi was addressing the district wing meeting of the HSGMC on Tuesday. He said, “Badals, INLD and BJP, have been unmasked and their anti-Haryana Sikh faces were disclosed when they restricted the formation of the HSGMC.”

“The BJP and the INLD have no social and economic policies for the state. Those who are saying that they will scrap the HSGMC Bill once they come to power must understand that Sikhs have domination in 31 constituencies of this state and Sikhs will not vote for such people. The Congress gave Haryana Sikhs their rights and now we will return the favour. I promise the Congress that the committee will make sure that it (Congress) winsHaryana Sikhs minimum 68 Assembly seats in the state.”

When he was asked about Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Badal’s proposed campaign for the INLD, he said, “In Punjab, SAD and BJP are together, but in Haryana, SAD supports the INLD, what kind of statesmanship is this?” He added, “The SAD is yet to announce its candidates for Ambala and Koianawali, once the tickets get announced; the HSGMC will launch a campaign against SAD on these two seats. The committee will expose SAD’s anti Haryana face.”

On the other hand, Kanwaljeet Singh Ajrana, Youth Akali Leader, said “The Akalis and SGPC are also ready to counter the HSGMC. A state-wide campaign will be launched against the Congress and the duties are likely to be assigned by September 25. Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, SGPC chief Avtar Makkar and many other SAD and SGPC leaders will campaign in Haryana.”



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